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General Terms and Conditions of Business for Room Reservations

Our general terms and conditions are not governed by Austrian general terms and conditions for the hotel industry

The guest shall recognize our General Terms and Conditions of Business as binding on the coming about of the accommodation agreement (confirmation of reservation) ousting the Austrian Hotel Agreement Terms and Conditions (ÖHVB), the Swiss International Private Law Act (IPRG), the Convention on the Law Applicable to Contractual Obligations (Rome Convention), and the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) as follows:

Clause 1 Booking, occupancy and damage
The deposit, in amount of 4 days per people, must be paid into our account at Raiffeisenbank Paznaun/Ischgl, IBAN: AT 4536248 000 000 30122 SWIFT: RZTIAT22248 within the stated period, otherwise the contract will be automatically cancelled. In the event of a short-term stay (i.e. up to 4 days) guests are requested to pay the full amount within the above-mentioned period.

CHECK-IN is possible about 3pm.

CHECK-OUT must be done at 10am at latest. In case of infringement, the landlord has the right to charge for another night. For the resulting claim for damages of the landlord and the subsequent guests, the wrongfully remaining guest is liable.

    Cancellation free of charge: Cancellation must be communicated by the clients in writing and without delay!

    • Cancellations free of charge are only possible during the deposit period or in case of other rentals.
    • The deposit period ends after 14 days from the booking date.
    • If the deposit is not recieved, the bookings will be automatically canceled.

    We recommend a travel cancellation insurance (per example:!

    Payable cancellation:

    If the guest cancelled the contract after deposit/full payment, the amount will be withheld until the room is rented out on.The price for one day will be for the incurred expense. If the room can not rented out, the full amount for the booked period must be paid. For single occupancy of a double room, the full room rate will be charged. For late arrival or earlier departure, the full room price for the booked period is to pay without any deductions.

    A subletting without consultation the owners is forbidden, just as the recording house external persons and hosting.

    Occupancy of the room shall commence between 3pm and 7pm. If you should wish to arrive later, we must ask you to let us know in advance, as we shall otherwise reserve the right to accommodate other guests. On the check-out date the rooms must be vacated properly and completely by 10am. Any damage must be reported immediately and you have to pay the damage cost in cash directly in the house.

    Washing and ironing clothes, preparing skis/snowboards is forbidden in the apartments and in the hotel rooms. Likewise the cooking of food in the hotel rooms is prohibited. These rooms are not designed for this! The risk of mould growth and triggering of the fire alarm is too high.

    It is not allowed to wax skis or snowboards in the house.

    Rooms cleaning:  the rooms are cleaned on 6 days / no cleaning on Tuesday (exception on departure days.).

    Clause 2 Payment options
    The only payment options accepted by our hotel are EC, MasterCard, VISA and cash (EURO only). For organizational reasons, guests are requested to settle the hotel-bill on the day before their departure.

    Clause 3 Silence at night, cancellation of the Agreement
    Guests are requested to maintain strict silence in and outside the house between 9pm and 8am. Silence means suitable conduct without noise or other unacceptable behaviour. Repeated violations or a single gross violation will lead to the immediate cancellation of the Agreement without prior warning by the management.

    In such an event the guest shall immediately pay the outstanding fee without any deductions and leave the hotel within 30 minutes. The same legal consequence shall ensue if the guest accommodates a person without prior notification.

    Clause 4 Room key and loss of key
    Guests are requested to take good care of their room key, which also fits the front door and the ski and footwear rooms, and to carry this key with them at all times. Otherwise the guest risks being unable to get into the hotel (particularly at night). If the room key is lost, then the guest shall become liable for reimbursement in cash (see price list).

    Clause 5 Children - reductions
    Children´s discount apply only to the 3rd person in a double or triple room. The following price reductions are granted:

    • 0-2 years = 60%
    • 3 -5 years = 50%
    • 6-12 years = 10%
    • Aged 13+ and adults as 3rd person = 4%

    Clause 6 Sauna
    The Sauna will be heated by appointment on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Make a note in the Sauna book by the reception window. Towels are available. Slipper are available on request at the reception.

    Clause 7 Property/equipment left behind
    We only send valuables in the post (money, jewellery, keys, documents, etc.), against cost reimbursement and without accepting liability. We do not send textile items or skiing equipment.

    Clause 8 Force majeure / natural events
    If the guest is prevented from arrival due to force majeure, he shall bear 50% of the agreed rate (= risk sharing) on failure to occupy his booked room or time. If his booked room must be rented out to the remaining guests for the above mentioned reasons, his duty to pay shall not apply for this period.

    Clause 9 Severability clause / venue
    In the event of one of the provisions being legally ineffective, this shall not affect the remainder. In the event of regulatory omissions the corresponding statutory provisions shall apply (Austrian Civil Code - ABGB).

    Place of performance and venue is exclusively the registered office of the business.

    Please make sure you let us know your arrival time a day in advance!
    This is essential to help us organize your stay.


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